Lorna Sommerville

‘Walking in to the Elevation Barn experience I didn't really know what to expect. The year prior had been intense on all fronts and I was at a cross roads needing to find a clear path forward. That is what I found. The Elevation Barn team created the space, and gave me the tools, to really think through my goals for my life, in every regard, and how I can better set myself up to achieve them. What I most valued was the perspective of the wicked smart, kind and talented people who were going through the experience alongside me. I feel so fortunate to have had this experience, it will stay with me, and guide me, for years to come”

Chief Marketing Officer, Function of Beauty

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Andrew Muse & Kicker

Andrew Muse

“Elevation Barn was an enlightening and confidence-inspiring experience. I felt pretty overwhelmed and intimidated going into it and came out more confident and focused than ever. I learned so much about myself – my strengths, weaknesses, and have a clear vision moving forward of the steps I need to take and how to efficiently execute those steps. From the location, to the food, to the Program itself, it was a 5 star experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to really take their life as a whole to the next level.”

Premier Content Creator, Professional Multi-Sport Athlete, The Face of Tiny Home Adventure, Social Media Influencer


Kevin Sellers

“The Elevation Barn has done for me just what it states—it helped elevate my vision and focus in ways I have yet to experience. The process is rigorous and, at times, uncomfortable. But it really helped to sharpen my focus on just who I am and the trajectory that is possible for me given the skills and experiences that are mine. The network I have developed, the bonds that I made and the forward path I am now on are priceless. If you are considering participating in the Elevation Barn, stop considering it and sign up. You will so glad that you did.”

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Avnet



Trudy Rilling-Collins

“Elevation Barn was an inspirational life changing experience! I highly recommend it for anyone who is at a pivotal point in their lives personally or professionally. It helped me see a clear way forward with the tools to effect positive global change. The post workshop support is phenomenal, I feel like I’ve joined a loving extended family of change-makers who are there to support my journey with exceptional advice and outstanding content knowledge!”

CEO, Mosquito Lady Consulting



Jamie Clark

“Elevation Barn is equal parts retreat and workshop, energising and exhausting. In short, it was a perfect investment of time for me at this point in my 25-year career as an entrepreneur and CEO. Admittedly, I was reluctant to take time away from work and family for what could appear as an indulgence at first, only to realise now that the Barn experience is more a necessity than distraction. It was so impactful for me that it will become an annual priority.”

CEO, Live Out There



Nadya hutagalung

“I consider myself pretty lucky to be where I am today given my lack of a conventional education or corporate structure. I have been incredibly successful in most things I attempt but there has always been a lack of belief in my skills or confidence to attempt larger projects. The opportunity to work with Will at Elevation Barn could not have manifested at a better time in my life as I was just looking at how to rejig my tools for the next chapter of my journey. Will provided a safe, non judgemental arena for us to explore our fears, goals, obstacles and eventually to distil what it is that is at the core of our being that could drive us forward with new super enhanced powers. Personally I found this process incredibly rewarding and would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to elevate their lives, families or work to the next level armed with a new set of wings.”

Co-Founder, Let Elephants Be Elephants


Graham Furlong

“In this chaotic world of abundance and stimulation we rarely take significant time out to strip it all away and look inwards. Like, really inwards, into the deepest parts of our past, our beliefs, our motivators, our passions. For me, Elevation Barn was a truly unique place to do all of this. Surrounded by courageous, emotionally intelligent and creative individuals we went on an intense journey that helped pressure test my thoughts, strengths, ideas and vision. They called bullshit on my thinking, built confidence where necessary and opened doors to new perspectives. I left the barn with the realisation that there are many false summits in life, moments when we think we've made it, only to realise the true mountain is yet to be conquered.” 

Global Brand Strategist

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Isabèle Chevalier

“What a great safe heaven to gain clarity on your next steps in your life journey . Intense, condense and enlightened to the core of your purpose - It’s a fast forward evolution. The name of the retreat holds its truth. “Elevation”. From this intense 60 hour workshop, I gained much clarity, faced fears and broke barriers that where holding me back, whilst making lasting friendships that will power me forward. Will - he is a disrupting force, a brilliant mind & curator, devoted to creating a better world. Thank you for all you ignited and challenged in me. After 20 years running my business, it feels like it’s just the beginning!” 

President & CEO, Bio-K International



Luke Rowe

“I feel more clarity now than I’ve felt in years! Elevation Barn is an authentic, real life and real world, practical experience. It’s connected me to a larger more inspiring tribe, allowing me to re-frame and gain a fresh view of my true self, my goals and my purpose. Perfect timing, at a stage in my life when I just needed more direction for the skills I know I posses.”

Real Estate Executive



Jenna Myrland

“Elevation Barn gave me what I truly, deeply needed - healing, belief, belonging and great friendship. I'm awed, and I'm changed. I know there are so many challenges and dark days ahead... but you all gave me the courage and capacity to step back from the wall and see my way around.... or to maybe just break through the damn thing.”

Artist + Experience Designer + Inventor


Philippe Choiniere

“Elevation Barn was a very powerful experience for me as a person and as a business leader. The environment was highly conducive to insights, support from all participants as well as a clear direction and plan which I started implementing on my drive back from the retreat. Will’s processes proved highly efficient to dissect and bring crystal clear perspective on my personal and my company’s mission. Aside from going through the retreat with world class entrepreneurs, I made lifetime friends. The site is beautiful and welcoming which contributed to a unique and transformative experience.”

CEO, Oneka Elements


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Mariza Scotch

“At Elevation Barn, we peeled back all the layers and took a look at what matters. Then, in beautiful surroundings, with delicious food and just the right amount of indulgence, we helped each other make a solid plan for life’s next chapter. Rigorous, humbling and provocative — and unforgettable. Once you’ve experienced Elevation Barn, you can’t un-learn its power.”

Luxury Design Leader & Creative Director