The Elevation Team

EB_Will Travis

Will Travis


Will is a globally respected brand builder & strategist, taking the helm as CEO of four internationally acclaimed communication agencies over his 27 year career, servicing over 50 of the worlds most respected mega-brands. He is an extreme explorer, motivational speaker and father of four, living between Tribeca New York and Bali, Indonesia.

EB_Jeremy Spesard

Jeremy Spesard

Head of Culinary Excellence

Jeremy is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, the world’s premier culinary college. With over 10 years of chef experience in Michelin star restaurants, hospitality consulting, and private chef work He combines his passion for sustainable agriculture and cooking to create dining experiences highlighting local food sources. A loving father, spouse, and avid outdoorsman in upstate New York.


EB_Team Kimba


Yoga & Wellness - Millbrook

Kimba is an ERYT, RCYT World Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor, A.A.D.P. certified health coach, mindfulness mentor, medic and chef de partie with a passion for holistic wellness through food, movement and conscious connectedness. Residing in upstate New York, Kimba supports the operations and wellness component of our BlueHills Estate retreats.

EB_Leah Fried

Leah Fried

Strategic Director - Growth and Operations

Leah works with private & public sector organisations to design strategic growth initiatives and drive new market opportunities with a focus on stakeholder advocacy and cross-sector alliances. Passionate about the power of uniting people through purpose, she applies her strengths to leading operations and business development for Elevation Barn.

EB_Sian Travis-Jones

Sian Travis-Jones

Director - Community

Sian reined from the Business & Logistics industry before shifting her focus to Creative Industries during the boom, and has not looked back. Today, Sian consults as a PR and social engagement specialist building brand loyalty and definition by leveraging the power of curated community.

EB_Jane Rimer

Jane Rimer

Head of Retreat Expansion

Jane is a celebrated content strategist, media & television executive and entrepreneur with an international track record for leading new market growth and franchising major content brands for some of the world’s leading media companies. Fuelled by colliding cultures, the power & beauty of language, and forging relationships she curates and leads Elevation Utah retreats.

EB_Team Morten Lauknes

Morten Lauknes

Retreat Facilitator - Norway

Morten is a performance coach, public speaker and project-based operations director with extensive experience leading public and private sector initiatives in Norway. An avid mountaineer, Morten is passionate about combining wilderness exploration and human development to challenge and empower personal growth.