A collective approach to elevating your personal and professional life


Rediscover your true purpose.
Former advertising CEO and strategist Will Travis founded the Elevation Barn in 2017 with a vision to help business leaders gain clarity and confidence over their true self and sense of purpose, so they can be more impactful in their own lives and communities. 

Uniting six leaders of diverse backgrounds and skillsets at a time, Elevation Barn offers a four-day retreat- style programme in epic private country homes throughout upstate New York, Bali, Indonesia, Park City, Utah, and London. Instead of coaches, ‘brand builders’ expertly guide the collective through a highly intensive personal elevating process, which applies techniques that have been adopted by the world’s most powerful product and service brands.

Throughout the four-day programme, every moment is curated to inspire and achieve personal growth and clarity. Fireside discussions, beautiful nature walks, refreshing swims, morning reflection classes, personal time and shared perspectives all act to a bolster a precise 6 stage program. Celebrating your past, exploring your future, identifying your super powers and planning your path ahead ensure a clear strategy to your next steps, guided by the united insights of the group and your facilitator. You will also be nourished physically, emotionally and spiritually with organic locally farmed meals, fresh juices and daily meditation.   

Elevation Barn retreats offer an opportunity to reflect on your values, discover and celebrate your authentic self, achieve balance and harmony between your personal and professional life and explore the next stage of your future, while establishing a meaningful connection with a trusted network.  To that end, following the retreats all leaders continue to collaborate and unite through their Elevation Barn Membership which offers access to this highly curated global network, exclusive business gatherings, once in a lifetime expeditions and elevating member insights. We care about delivering a membership that enriches lives more with time, not less.

“Elevation Barn was a seismic experience for me. I woke the day after it ended with such a sharp sense of clarity and focus. And what a bonus - I have five new “Elevaters” ready to charge forward with me - united and together.”

Jamie Clark, CEO Live Out There


Post retreats, members of the Elevation Barn are invited to unite with our foundation, the Elevation Table.

Here members invest their diverse industry skills to tackle global grand challenges and make an impact in the world. This is an Action based group, driven by a united passion for change. Information is available to members only.