“elevation Barn was the perfect reset: re-aligning confidence, creativity, vision and clarity”


The Elevation Barn curates the perfect environment for you to be with 5 other business leaders from diverse industries, to help you gain crystal clarity on how to elevate that next chapter of your life.

This membership based global collective starts with a micro retreat where you gain the chance to tap into six unbiased perspectives in a safe, intimate and intelligent environment, a precious opportunity we never get to chance to indulge in. Facilitated by an expert ‘personal brand builder’, your group travel through a 6-stage personal brand elevating process, uniquely designed to unpack and dust-off your passions and dreams, reconnect with your personal values, and supercharge you towards a more purpose-driven future.

With locations in New York, Utah, Norway and Bali each retreat location has been hand-selected for its beautiful grounded energy allowing you the mental, physical and spiritual space to let your wings spread and mind wander.

Throughout the four-day programme, every touchpoint is curated to inspire and achieve personal growth and clarity. Fireside discussions, beautiful nature walks, refreshing swims, morning reflection classes, personal time and shared perspectives all act to a bolster a six-stage programme that combines key principles of executive coaching with branding techniques that have shaped the world's biggest product and service brands.

Post retreat, your membership takes flight, uniting with the global Elevation Collective - a network now of over 200 members from 36 different industries across 14 countries who gather for private dinners and events, venture on purpose-driven expeditions and shifting the dial on planetary impact through the Elevation Table. If you would like to be a part of this, please click the link to apply below:

“Elevation Barn was a seismic experience for me. I woke the day after it ended with such a sharp sense of clarity and focus. And what a bonus - I have five new “Elevaters” ready to charge forward with me - united and together.”

Jamie Clark, CEO Live Out There