The Elevation Barn is equal parts retreat and workshop, energizing and exhausting. In short, it was a perfect investment of time for me at this point in my 25-year career as an entrepreneur and CEO. Admittedly, I was reluctant to take time away from work and family for what could appear as an indulgence at first, only to realize now that the Barn experience is more a necessity than distraction. It was so impactful for me that it will become an annual priority.     Jamie Clarke - CEO Live Out There / Explorer  

Elevation Barn was a very powerful experience for me as a person and as a business leader. The environment was highly conducive to insights, support from all participants as well as a clear direction and plan which I started implementing on my drive back from the retreat. Will’s processes proved highly efficient to dissect and bring crystal clear perspective on my personal and my company’s mission. Aside from going through the retreat with world class entrepreneurs, I made lifetime friends. The site is beautiful and welcoming which contributed to a unique and transformative experience......Philippe Choiniere - CEO Oneka Elements

“What a great safe heaven to gain clarity on your next steps in your life journey . Intense, condense and enlightened to the core of your purpose - It’s a fast forward evolution. The name of the retreat holds its truth. “Elevation”. From this intense 60 hour workshop, I gained much clarity, faced fears and broke barriers that where holding me back, whilst making lasting friendships that will power me forward. Will - he is a disrupting force, a brilliant mind & curator, devoted to creating a better world. Thank you for all you ignited and challenged in me. After 20 years running my business, it feels like it’s just the beginning!”  Isabele Chevalier - CEO Bio-K

"Elevation Barn was a seismic transformational experience for me. Like an earthquake. I didn’t know when or how it would hit me, it shook foundations, patterns, beliefs and fears that were not aligned with my future, and it forged new pathways forward. I woke the day after it ended with such sharp clarity and focus. Plus a bonus: I have five new friends ready to charge forward with me - together."  Butterscotch - Musician / Philanthropist

“I have done a lot of self help, business development guru's and life coach’s, and to be honest I wasn't sure about Elevation Barn. I also wasn’t sure what we would be doing over only 3 days, that would be life changing enough for me to motivate. So let me tell you about it, you will join a group of 5 others led by Will so 6 in total. You will focus on what makes you happy and leave with a solid foundation on how to re-ignite your passions. You will also leave with a kinship and bond with the others in the group I feel will be there for you for life. In AA you have to sponsor someone you can call for support anytime. I feel thru this Elevation Barn process I now have 5 life sponsors I can call anytime (and I can’t wait to meet more of the past groups at the Elevation Table!). Thank you Will Travis for finding me! (I am getting teary eyed just writing this)”.     Bo Opfer - CEO Two Headed Monster / Digital Design Leader


"Words cannot express how incredibly meaningful, profound, provocative and transformational my experience at Elevation Barn has been.
From the moment I walked in the door, I felt nothing but warmth, love, compassion and unwavering support from our soulful leader, Will and each one of the amazing women in attendance.
Leading by example, Will created and participated in exercises designed to let us tap into the true essence of who we each really are, what we are all about, what we stand for and ultimately, to begin to explore what our purpose really is. I was honored to spend my time getting to know each and every person as they are all such wonderful, accomplished human beings, new friends, and friends I feel I will have for life. The time flew by like a whirlwind and now after letting it all sink in, I feel ready to embody my true self and to begin the process of shedding old things, beliefs and ideas that simply are no longer serving me. I left feeling inspired to create my dream life, side by side with my husband, who attended the men's event held just one month before."        Nell Stephenson - Entrepreneur / Elite Athlete