What does Elevation Table do?

The Elevation Table is comprised of a pool of senior brand strategists, design directors and producers who have participated in an Elevation Barn retreat. They know the process intimately, and have a strong desire to help solve grand causes for global organizations and brands, and are qualified to do so. Additionally, the Elevation Table includes diverse thinkers, curators and innovators. They work — together with your team or individually, in a war room setting and/or virtually — under the central coordination of a single Elevation Table “Quarterback”. The deliverable is a deck of multi-faceted thinking, conclusions and activations — singular in focus but widely varied in considerations and context, truly a multi-dimensional gem of perspectives that help to relive decision-makers of any doubt about whether their initiative has been vigorously explored. A key feature if the Elevation Table is discretion. Our work for grand causes and brands can be invisible to all but top decision-makers. The specific affirmation, redirection or questions that result from our work are not promoted by us and are rarely accredited by our clients. We work quickly and quietly, provide knowledge transfer, but not organizational disruption.

In addition to our smoke-jumping think-tank/consultancy for solving complex brand issues for big business and worthy causes, Elevation Table provides offsite workshops to Leadership Teams. Our properties in Bali and Millbrook, NY can be reserved for a weekend of inspiration and mission-specific problem-solving - and incentive for top performing employees. Contact us to learn more about our moderated off-site.

What Is Elevation Table’s role?

Our role is provide an outside process of unified perspectives to decision-makers at grand causes and brands. Our role is not to disrupt your ecosystem. Quite the opposite: by illuminating alternative approaches to your grand challenge, we provide peace-of-mind and confidence that the path forward has been explored.

What Is Elevation Table’s Process?

Our process is comprised of short well-defined stand-alone phases: Brief, Ideation, Development, Production and Optimization. Our involvement can end after just 2 phases, or continue as necessary. Each phase begins with a distinct budget and focus that is informed by the phase before it. One phase is not dependent on the next.

Contact us to discuss your objectives and concerns.
We develop a proposal that fits your budget and schedule.
Your Elevation Table is assembled, organized and briefed.
[We determine if an onsite war room or virtual team is best]
We write and/or “pressure test” your brief for the Elevation Table.
The Elevation Barn “Quarterback” manages the individual ideation of each participant.
These diverse lines of thinking converge and are summarized (not combined).
The EBQ presents the findings and organizes next steps, if necessary.