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Millbrook Retreat

The Millbrook estate provides a truly unique setting to allow executives the rare environment to unwind, trust and share.

An hour and thirty minutes north of New York City, Millbrook sits nestled in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley, it was, and still is the city escape for some of America's greatest industrialists and artists. The Travis home was founded on the bones of a 1720 Tavern, relocated to Duchess County in the 70's and lovingly expanded for the families that embraced the magical landscapes incredible energy. The site is uniquely sculpted to embrace the beautiful brook, towing pine trees and private lake, ensuring there is space to breath, dream and escape the normal bombardment of city life.

Log fires, locally farmed foods, a vintage bar, woodland walks, lakeside conversations and the warmth of this unique home, allow you to redefine, align your focus, making bonds with fellow leaders like nowhere else.