Evolving to Elevate / by Will Travis


My Dear Friends,

These last two years have seen the Elevation Barn evolve through an array of different initiatives, explorations, and groundings from the over 30 retreats that have built Elevation Barn to be the brand people often recognize today. But we all want more from the Elevation Barn than just four days of personal reflection, clarity and planning. We all need to feel we belong to something that has more of an impact and purpose in the world; something that sees you as a real contributor and presence for the benefits of all, especially yourself.

To achieve this we will be launching a platform in January 2020, that at last connects all of the brilliant diversity of all network together. It allows us to share insights, lessons and opportunities to help pave the way for a more fruitful and happier future. It will introduce what I have feverishly been working at: That the Elevation Barn Members have a high level impact on the world at large. It will provide opportunities for us to all get closer, understand each other better, collaborate and make a difference. We will do so in the form of local chapters, regular reunions, expeditions of impact, and elevation tables where we can apply our wisdom and professional perspectives to create solutions. In addition Blue hills, our home in upstate New York will become the first full-time Elevation Barn retreat, for you to take time and reunite with people socially but with purpose and disconnect from your daily hectic lives.