Introducing EB360 / by Will Travis

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Welcome to EB360. EB360 is the ultimate networking, communication and elevation platform for leaders. It is an online and mobile-friendly community that focuses on your personal, business and philanthropic objectives. You will have the opportunity to access, endorse and collaborate with Elevation Barn’s diverse network of leaders. EB360 is aimed at accelerating member's abilities to share achievements, access relevant content and make real connections.

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Your membership provides you with real, tangible connections to a wide range of experts in a variety of fields. You will have the power to reach out and make ‘asks’ that will stimulate interest and responses in the form of ‘offers’. Imagine being able to reach other elite leaders for advice, guidance, project input, job opportunities, and collaboration. It can also lead to participation in Elevation barn Tables, invitations to expeditions and exclusive events and experiences. That is the power of EB360.

Participants of past retreats are automatically included as a founding member of the network. The membership platform offers access to the global Elevation community, access to member gathering experiences and conferences, a concierge program to facilitate introductions between yourself and our diverse network of leaders, priority invitations to expeditions and unique workshops and retreats. 

The platform is set to launch in early 2020 and you are on of the first to know. Your vision, journey and opinion are valuable. Harnessing the experiences and superpowers of our members is key to the cultivation of a meaningful and impactful network. We want to know what is important to you and how this platform can best help you solve your personal, business and philanthropic challenges.